Zhangkong Chinese Weightlifting Straps

Zhangkong Chinese Weightlifting Straps

Zhangkong Chinese Weightlifting Straps

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Have you ever had your arms tire and lose grip doing deadlifts and other pulling exercises? Or find that conventional lifting straps just suck for doing the Olympic lifts?

Then you should try Chinese style weightlifting straps.

This style of weightlifting straps are used by world champion weightlifters such as Lu Xiaojun, Liao Hui and Tian Tao, just to name a few. Because of the symmetrical design, it is more comfortable on the wrist as compared to conventional bodybuilding straps which can be quite painful when you go heavy.

Oh, by the way, for those of you who have not heard of Zhangkong, they are a professional weightlifting manufacturer in China. Their equipment have been used at the Olympic games and at the Chinese national championships as well. If you are a weightlifting fan, you would know that their national championships can be more competitive than the Olympic games!

These Chinese weightlifting straps provide good grip with no break-in period. Start lifting right away! You only need to loop the strap around the bar once. As because of its slim design, it makes the strap less bothersome on the hands and provides quick release when you need to release the bar.


With these cool looking straps, you’re going enjoy using them for your Olympic lifts and its variations such as clean and snatch pulls, high pulls, hang clean and snatches, and of course, the usual heavy and high reps deadlifts.

These straps are reinforced in the middle by a black piece of strap and that means better durability.

Wanna lift heavy and become world champion weightlifters? Then you have got to start using these straps just like Lu Xiaojun.

Ok, I was just kidding about the last one.


Some of you might wonder why do you need straps for training. Aren’t you supposed to be training barehands to strengthen your forearms strength? Don’t be a wussy and toughen up!

For those of you who have been training Olympic Weightlifting for awhile, you would know that using the hook grip (a requirement in executing the Olympic lifts) can take a toll on your hands and thumbs. And what if your training program calls for more pulls because your back strength is lacking? Straps to the rescue.

With these straps on, you are able to continue training without having to endure the discomfort or even pain in your hands and thumbs. In addition, lifting with straps allows you to pull heavier weights which will further help to increase your pulling and back strength. More personal bests to come!


Interested in getting a pair of these straps? Head on right here: Zhangkong Olympic Weightlifting Straps.


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