Thinking you can out train a poor diet? Read this!

Thinking you can out train a poor diet? Read this!

Thinking you can out train a poor diet? Read this!

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Many people know that they can’t out train a poor diet, but for some individuals, it takes the path of ‘learn the hard way’ before they actually try not to out train a bad diet!

Case in point – my client who has achieved a significant transformation, both physically and in term of his mindset. I will let him do the talking!


I started with 86kg, over 30% body fat, 36-38” trousers, high cholesterol and exhaustion by end of the day!  My goal was to lose fat, feel fitter.  

The first 6 months with Carl, I went along with this philosophy: “I’m training – so that’s a license for me to eat whatever I feel like”.  Meanwhile, Carl kept trying to drill the importance of diet and nutrition, which I ignored (unwilling to give up on ‘tasty’ food habits).  Six months later, the weighing scale and calipers weren’t too generous with me!  Plus, I felt no increase in strength / stamina.  

That’s when I paid full attention to Carl’s holistic coaching: diet and nutrition, complemented with training. (check out his booklet for a great training schedule)

The result? Can never say this too many times: just amazing!  In the next 6 months, my stats went as follows: weight 76 kg, body fat 22%, all medical indicators normal.  I felt energized, slept great and woke up fresh.  Most importantly, I am genuinely enjoying my strength and cardio training!  And, no – I never stayed hungry or went on a crash diet, but Carl-recommended “right diet”.

The downside?  I’d to change my entire wardrobe.  Then again, I’m not complaining – at age 38, I can now ‘show off’ my 32” jeans, plus am fit enough to pack a punch to my day, often better than a 25-year old .  I think the best compliment Carl got would’ve been from my Doc, who I visited after six months and exclaimed: “Where did the rest of you disappear?

Here’s what Carl drills into you (and I’ve incorporated now in my lifestyle):

  • Fitness is a marathon, not a 100 m dash (so, figure out ways to enjoy it!)
  • Getting lean is 80% ‘Made in Kitchen’ and 20% ‘Made in Gym’

I have experienced it in the last 12 months with Carl.  He’s an authentic guy, super-inspiring and gives absolutely trustworthy advice.  Many instructors think solely about economic benefit / gain – but I find Carl to be genuinely caring about his clients.  The last 12 months were a ‘turnaround’ experience for me!

I have to give it to him for making a positive lifestyle change and achieving such a great result, not only in terms of fat or weight loss, but also in his overall health and well-being as well.

So you read that he ‘wasted’ 6 months trying to out train a poor diet. Let’s learn from his experience and not make the same mistake!

Raj, if you are reading this, thank you for your trust and hard work! It’s wonderful to see the new ‘beast’ mode in you, always looking forward to training and pushing yourself hard. More things to come for you!

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