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20%-7% BODY FAT & 89-81KG IN 3.5 MONTHS

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On the left, I weighed 89kg, a result of dirty bulking after I got too impatient when I was 85kg and started eating too much. My body fat shot up from around 12% to 20% as well and I started feeling sluggish, heavy and uncomfortable. I decided to stop the rut, transform myself and achieve my best possible physique so far to date. I went from 20% to 6.9% body fat in 3.5 months. Not only did I lose a lot of body fat, I also maintained my muscle mass while dropping 8kg in bodyweight. Got to be a good role model and walk the talk, isn’t it!

– Yours Truly, Carl Chia



I started with 86kg, over 30% body fat, 36-38” trousers, high cholesterol and exhaustion by end of the day! My goal was to lose fat, feel fitter.
 The first 6 months with Carl, I went along with this philosophy: “I’m training – so that’s a license for me to eat whatever I feel like”. Meanwhile, Carl kept trying to drill the importance of diet and nutrition, which I ignored (unwilling to give up on ‘tasty’ food habits).

Six months later, the weighing scale and calipers weren’t too generous with me! Plus, I felt no increase in strength / stamina. 
That’s when I paid full attention to Carl’s holistic coaching: diet and nutrition, complemented with training. (check out his booklet for a great training schedule)

The result? Can never say this too many times: just amazing! In the next 6 months, my stats went as follows: weight 76 kg, body fat 22%, all medical indicators normal. I felt energized, slept great and woke up fresh. Most importantly, I am genuinely enjoying my strength and cardio training! And, no – I never stayed hungry or went on a crash diet, but Carl-recommended “right diet”.

The downside? I’d to change my entire wardrobe. Then again, I’m not complaining – at age 38, I can now ‘show off’ my 32” jeans, plus am fit enough to pack a punch to my day, often better than a 25-year old. I think the best compliment Carl got would’ve been from my Doc, who I visited after six months and exclaimed: “Where did the rest of you disappear?”

Here’s what Carl drills into you (and I’ve incorporated now in my lifestyle):

Fitness is a lifestyle, not a 100m dash (so, figure out ways to enjoy it!)
Getting lean is 80% ‘Made in Kitchen’ and 20% ‘Made in Gym’

I have experienced it in the last 12 months with Carl. He’s an authentic guy, super-inspiring and gives absolutely trustworthy advice. 
Many instructors think solely about economic benefit / gain – but I find Carl to be genuinely caring about his clients. The last 12 months were a ‘turnaround’ experience for me!

– Raj Sundar

Annie Weight Loss Transformation


adeline singapore personal training female fat loss

Training with Carl has benefited me in many ways. I have achieved my main goal – losing 7kg of fat after dropping from 59kg to 52kg. My dress size has dropped from size 14 to size 8. In the process, I also gained strength and stamina which helps me in my daily life and work. It was much easier to carry my children and regularly lift elderly people. Thus I found it easier to work with my patients as well.

As a result of the increase in fitness, I also had more energy daily and I was able to better cope with the daily demands of work and chores around the home. Carrying groceries became lighter and climbing the stairs didn’t leave me feeling out of breath anymore.

As my body transformed, I started to receive many positive compliments from people about how youthful and great I looked. Overall people now saw me as a fit individual.

Before I started training with Carl, I had nagging knee pain which affected my movement. Besides training to lose fat, he also worked on my flexibility and gave me soft tissue massage which solved my knee pain, and now I am able to go for longer hikes without feeling old and arthritic.

I found the nutrition and supplementation advice that Carl provided to me was really good. It has benefited my health and also contributed towards my training goal, which was to lose fat and get lean.

Carl is a good and patient trainer. Whenever I encounter problems, he tries his best to troubleshoot and come up with creative solutions to help me based on my current lifestyle. I definitely recommend anyone who wants to transform their bodies to engage as their trainer. A very big thank you to Carl!

– Adeline


Noah Male Fat Loss Posture Singapore Personal Trainer

With the intention to rehabilitate my shoulder and get rid of my constant shoulder pain, I signed up for personal training with Carl.

Carl is extremely experienced and knowledgeable in his field. After the first session of personal training with him, many issues were identified such as poor posture, muscular imbalances and tensions. He listens to my needs, monitors my body and started with a customized training plan. What sets Carl apart from many other trainers is that he extremely well versed in Strength and Conditioning as well as Mobility techniques

I managed to learn many fundamental injury prevention and mobility techniques such as self myofascial release and different ways to stretch. After going through a Mobility and Weight training regime, I felt an increase in mobility accompanied by weight loss. I also felt relief in my shoulder pain and noticed a better overall posture. All these improvements and results would not have been possible if it weren’t for my personal trainer Carl who was extremely patient and attentive to my issues. 

Carl is someone who could provide you with a program is that as customized as possible, as personalized as possible, with strict emphasis on injury prevention and rehabilitation. Therefore, I recommend Carl for anyone who intends to get into shape but is unable to do so due to existing injuries.

– Noah


charts female weight loss post pregnancy singapore personal training

“I took up PT after I gave birth to my third child to get back in shape. I’d worked out before and thought that it would be good to get a PT so that I wouldn’t waste any time figuring out what I should be doing at the gym.

Carl helped me develop good technique with my deadlifts and squats, and made sure I worked hard on getting a stronger core.

It wasn’t easy to squeeze in all the sessions because I was so time-pressed, but he was very flexible to make things work with short, impactful sessions.

I went down 2-3 dress sizes in the six months after, and I really liked the fact that I was much stronger than when I first started. Thanks Carl!”


– Charis Lee



Underweight Hardgainer Mass & Strength Gain Nicholas

“Carl has been excellent in my quest to gain weight! I was always willing to push myself further because he would ensure that I would not go beyond the limit. Carl also educated me on the various exercises that I was doing so that I understood which part of the body I was training. This was especially important, as I had no prior knowledge when it comes to anything related to gyms and its equipment.

He provided me with many practical tips with regards to my diet to help me get from severely underweight to normal. This is great because it allows me to pick which one works well for me and thus I am able to easily apply it to my daily routine.

The training with Carl also did wonders for my strength. When I first started, I couldn’t even deadlift the Olympic bar(or anything for that matter). Now I can deadlift 90kg! I can squat 82.5kg as well, when at the start the dumbbells alone were a huge struggle. Carl pushed me to these incredible numbers in a way that was workable for my body and at no time did I feel he was giving me an impossible task.

My initial goal at the start was to gain 13kg (47kg to 60kg) in 1.5 to 2 years and with the training it only took one year! Even at the start of training I thought that it was an ambitious goal! I am extremely pleased and I can definitely recommend Carl to anyone wanting to gain weight! ☺”

– Nicholas Lok


Weight & Fat Loss Personal Training Singapore Carl Chia Fitness

It was about 6 months ago that I decided to do something about my body.  My weight then was 89 kg and leading a sedentary life. During the assessment, as I found Carl approachable and knowledgeable, I decided to bite the bullet and signed up with him.   

Basically, my goal was to become lose fat as well as gain muscle. During my first training with Carl, he taught me self myofascial release, how to stretch properly and most importantly, the workouts itself.

Carl not only train me, he also gave nutrition and supplement advice which has helped me to gain results along with my training sessions. I was introduced to some supplements such as fish oil, mass gainers, etc. and they helped me a lot in losing weight too.

Throughout my training over the last 6 months, not only have I started to lost fat and gain muscle, I have also acquired training knowledge and correct techniques for workouts that I can do alone. Like the saying goes “Give A Man A Fish And You Feed Him For A Day. Teach A Man To Fish And You Feed Him For A Lifetime”.

When I starting training, my weight was around 89 kg only and within 4 month I lost 13 kg with my weight now at 76 kg! Carl is a good trainer and I would highly recommend him to anyone who’s is trying to get into shape or gain muscle.

Lastly I would like to say, THANK YOU Carl!!!!

– Alvin Gan, 48


5KG Female Weight Loss Personal Training Singapore Carl Chia FitnessI have been training with Carl for the past 6 months and he has always gone the extra mile in training me. I had never used gym equipment, weights and those scary looking machines prior to this and Carl has been very patient in educating me on the right ways to use them.

He is very observant and attentive to any pain and injuries during training and would always try to fix the problem or adapt the exercises to aid in not making the pain worse. He sincerely cares about my wellbeing and is fully invested in steering me in the right direction on this journey I had chosen to embark on.

I think what really differentiates Carl from other trainers is that he has a very good eye for identifying the root cause of any pain and applying soft tissue massage techniques to fix them. So I can safely say now that he doesn’t just sound like he knows what he’s doing, but he actually DOES know what he’s doing!

I have lost 5 kg so far, feel stronger, healthier and happier! I have received compliments from friends and colleagues that I am looking leaner and fitter these days and it is a real boost to one’s confidence! Carl’s constant encouragement, patience, help and advice really helped in making me see that I could do it and I have!
I would definitely recommend Carl to my family and friends as he has helped me achieve my health and fitness goals so far.

– Su Ping


Singapore Olympic Weightlifting Tze WeiIt was just 3 weeks away from the 2016 National Weightlifting Meets/Strength Classics, and I was having serious problems with my lifts, especially the Snatch.

Thankfully Carl came into the picture and helped by changing my olympic lifting technique to be more efficient in lifting weight. 

He spotted all the technical flaws & mistakes, highlighted them to me and incorporated other accessory exercises to either support/strengthen my technical change, or to target my weaknesses. 

His sharp eye in spotting my technical flaws, and knowledge in introducing necessary exercises to rectify my weaknesses helped me to gain confidence in lifting heavier weights and to lift with a technique that was more suited for my body structure. 

I managed to clinch a 3rd place finish, and am grateful to Carl for helping me with my lifting, else I might not even have recorded one successful lift in the meet. I definitely recommend Carl to anyone who is interested to learn or take up Olympic wightlifting.

– Lim Tze Wei, Personal Trainer


nishant deadlift

My story probably began in 2006 while I was working in the IT industry, as most who work in the industry are well aware it’s a very sedentary lifestyle and in my case coupled with negligence towards my personal wellbeing it took a turn for the worst at the beginning of 2010 by which time I had gone from 75Kg to 104Kg in 4 years coupled with a shabby diet. Soon High Cholesterol and Blood pressure were muscling their way in and making life very uncomfortable.

Carl was a trainer I have had the good fortune to train with for the last year and still training. Also an unassuming, extremely humble young man Carl has always been a very patient, flexible and steady coach who is caring and always mindful of what his clients need as opposed to what they think they want.

Many of us ignore what our bodies really need and get very short sighted with end results like a child wanting candy losing sight of the fact that the road to fitness depending on the individual can be a short and sweet one or a long and arduous one. For those of us who are committed to staying the course will most certainly be ecstatic with the end results.

Over the last year and a half I have lost 30Kg under careful supervision, with sound advice on the undeniable importance of a proper diet and supplements. I have come to the conclusion that pairing the right trainer with a client is crucial as the personalities complimenting each other goes a long way in ensuring the continued relationship between the two. Carl was the perfect trainer for me. His presence, confidence and passion as a fitness professional have motivated me immeasurably.

Life in the present times is oodles better and more cherished than what it used to be. There was lethargy, weakness and an overall dullness in ones persona which has been replaced by a lot of energy, endurance, strength and overall wellbeing and positive outlook towards life in general.  I am grateful for having met Carl who have made such a priceless impact on my life. Thank You. God Bless.

– Nishant Mohandas



I have attained visible muscle gain, weight and fat loss (from 86kg to 78kg), balanced posture, greater flexibility, improved technique especially for squats, deadlift, shoulder press and bench press.

The nutrition/supplement advice given has helped me in my quest for fat loss. I now have a better understanding of nutrition that contributes to the overall healthy lifestyle that I am leading.
The training advice given has also helped in my overall quest for knowledge in terms of strength and fat loss training.

Carl is easy to talk to, knowledgeable, strict, disciplined and always looking to further his own expertise. His pedigree as a weightlifter with the Singapore Weightlifting Federation stands him in good stead. I definitely recommend those who are trying to get in shape to engage Carl as your trainer!

– Nicholas Woo


gabriel huang singapore national wrestlerTraining with Coach Carl has helped me tremendously leading up to my preparation for the 2013 SEA Games in Mynamar.

Through training under him, there has been a 20-30% increase in power and strength especially through the Olympic lifts that he introduced to me in the training sessions.

More impressively, I have seen a definite transfer of these attributes to my sport.
Overall, I feel more energized and am recovering faster and better due to the nutritional advice and stretching that Carl has prescribed to me.

He has a keen eye in gauging my abilities as an athlete and prescribes exercises appropriately and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to take their sport to the next level.

– Gabriel Huang, National Wrestler



Training with Carl has helped me lose 12kg, from 104kg to 92kg after just a year. Now, after 4 years, Carl is still my coach, helping me to build up more functional muscle and stamina instead of just plain losing weight. After all, the numbers on the scale don’t matter much when you can sprint 400m in under 1m 30s!

Before I started training, I had a constant nagging left lower back pain. This pain caused me some difficulty during training, but fortunately, Carl was able to resolve it with a few sports massage techniques. Carl is a genuinely nice guy, but despite this he’s willing to push you harder than you think you can go so that you can surpass your limits.

If you’re tired of checking the numbers on your scale every day I’d definitely recommend him as your personal trainer. Just keep an open mind and be willing to learn!

– Jay Wee