Rehband Knee Sleeves Review

Rehband Knee Sleeves Review

Rehband Knee Sleeves Review

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Due to the rise in popularity in Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting and Crossfit, step into any gym now and you will most likely come across someone wearing a pair of knee sleeves.

When I first had my Rehband knee sleeves 5 years ago, there weren’t as many gym trainees wearing knee sleeves yet. The 3 sports mentioned above were not as popular as they are today. Now, it’s common to see any serious strength athlete and fitness enthusiast own a pair of knee sleeves.

It’s almost uncool now not to be wearing knee sleeves when you train. Just kidding.

Just before I go into my review of the Rehband knee sleeves, let me explain briefly on the benefits of wearing knee sleeves when you train.

Wearing knee sleeves when you train is beneficial (I say important!) because it increases and maintain the temperature in your knee joints. When your knees are warm, your knee joints get lubricated by synovial fluid which helps to reduce wear and tear in the long run.

They are basically an injury/pain prevention strategy for your knees and are usually made of neoprene material. However, they are not the same as knee wraps which serve a different purpose.

Rehband Knee Sleeves Review

rehband knee sleeves

When I first purchased my Rehband knee sleeves 6 years ago, I had no idea which are the better brands in the market. I bought them based on the recommendation of Ian King. In one of his books, he simply mentioned the brand Rehband and I decided to go with his recommendation.

In fact, you will see many top athletes in the sports of weightlifting, strongman, powerlifting, and fitness competitions using them.

Before actually ordering it, I had to measure the circumference of my knee and thigh to determine the right size. Based on the measurements, I was an M-L size. I was a little apprehensive about ordering M size as it might be too tight for my thick thighs. Thanks to all the squats and pulls from Olympic Weightlifting.

When I received my pair of knee sleeves and tried them on, I had a hard time putting them on because they were very tight. However, that was to be expected as stated on the website because it was new.

With frequent usage over a period of time, they will loosen up a little and fit better. And they did. It took a few months before they started fitting better and feeling more comfortable.

rehband knee sleeves

In case you are afraid that they might become too loose, rest assure that they will not. As you can see from the photos, my knee sleeves are a little beaten up, but they actually fit and feel just right after breaking them in the beginning. They don’t feel as tight as brand new anymore, but neither do they feel loose. It has the right amount of tightness and compression after breaking in.

In the beginning, just expect to feel a little restricted when you execute any movements that require you to full squat. Don’t worry, it will loosen up over time.

While they do not provide the level of compression that you would expect from knee wraps, you can expect a fair amount of compression that will provide some stability and support when you squat. They are not designed to help you lift more weight like they do for knee wraps, but expect to break some PRs!

If you are experiencing pain or ache in your knees, wearing them during your training may give you some pain relief. Of course, make sure that you do a proper warm up and stretch your quads as well before you start lifting heavy.

These guys will keep your knees really warm and make them sweat.

rehband knee sleeves
I know. I have the worst calf genes.


These sleeves will soak up a lot of your sweat and they are going to smell if you do not wash them. You can either wash it by hand or washing machine, but make sure you let them air dry. Yes, you have to wash them every time you use them as long as you sweat.

You don’t sweat? Are you human? Do you lift heavy enough?? 

Rehband Knee Sleeves in Action

The Rehband knee sleeves do not come cheap which a price of USD39 per sleeve (Amazon). You can certainly get a cheap pair of knee sleeves from any sport shop, but you do get what you pay for. Rehband is the leading brand of joint support wear. Made of 100% neoprene foam, these guys are durable and last a long time.

Before you buy the wrong model, this particular model is the Rehband 7051 knee sleeves. If for some reason this color is an eye sore to you, they have other models which come in different colors.

Even if you are not experiencing any form of knee pain currently, I highly recommend it as a form of injury prevention for life. You only have one pair of knees!

Get yours from Amazon.


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