Personal Training

Private Personal Training

Are you experiencing these circumstances?

  • Tired of not having the lean and sexy physique you desire
  • Confused about how to work out and eat to achieve your dream body
  • Worried about your safety not knowing how to train properly
  • Tried all kinds of workouts and diets but you are still not seeing results

I know how it feels like.

It sucks.

I spent years making mistakes and going through trial and error. After learning from top fitness leaders around the world, upgrading myself through courses and books, and working with all clients from different backgrounds and problems, I became better and better at producing results for those who train with me.

So if you are looking to:

  • Lose unwanted fat and achieve a lean, strong and sexy physique
  • Have more energy, strength and better health
  • Receive expert guidance and motivation
  • Nutrition guidance – discover what foods are best and how to eat
  • Be coached by a friendly, passionate, patient and proven personal trainer

Then you are in the right spot.

Check out the Success Stories of my clients who have trained with me and achieved great results!

When you become my client, we will work together personally at my private gym facility. You will receive my 100% attention and highest quality of coaching as well as privacy that you wouldn’t be able to receive at public or commercial gyms. This is truly one-to-one personal training. Neither would you have to wait for equipment which is a waste of your time.

Check out my functional kick-ass home gym below

No matter if your goal is fat loss or gaining muscle, I have helped many of my personal training clients get amazing results and as long as you are willing to show up and put in the effort, results  are guaranteed.

Not only will you receive an individualized training program designed by me, I also coach you on nutrition – with good nutrition habits in place, you will achieve great results. And along the way, you can expect modifications in your training program so that you will get closer to your goal quicker. Without good nutrition in place, you’re not going to get your dream physique. But you don’t have to worry, I’m here to guide you and change your life.

Precision Nutrition level 1 Coach

I’m a certified exercise nutrition coach through one of the world’s leading nutrition coaching companies, Precision Nutrition.

I’m here to guide you, not through special tricks or magic potions, but by understanding your goals and needs, designing a plan that works for you and your lifestyle, and offering unwavering support, while you get results along the way.


How about a 130 easy to follow recipes guide book to help you in your quest to a leaner, stronger and healthier physique as well? My clients love it!


If this is your first time considering personal training, you won’t be disappointed, as long as you adhere to my guidance and the program, you are GUARANTEED results.

Due to limited spaces, I am only looking to work with those who fulfill the criteria below to become my personal training clients:

  • You are teachable and willing to get out of your comfort zone
  • You are hardworking and serious about making a change
  • You are able to commit to 2-3 sessions a week (sorry to burst your bubble, once a week isn’t enough to get results)

If you fit the criteria, start now by scheduling a trial session. If we are a good fit, your fitness journey will begin!


During the trial session, not only will we discuss what do you want to achieve and do goal setting, you will also get to experience a specific workout based on your goals.

Enter your details below and I will contact you to arrange an appointment.

You may also contact me directly at +65 9752 3475

And I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.