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If you reside far away or overseas, or personal training costs are out of your budget, online coaching is the way to go.

I’ve dedicated my life to attaining the knowledge and experience to design effective and safe training programs to help you get the best possible results.

If you are a beginner with little exercise experience, I will work with you to help you build a lifelong healthy and active lifestyle by coaching you on proper fitness and nutrition habits step by step.

If you are more advanced, I will make sure that you get challenged and get pushed to your limit so that you can get the maximum results you seek.

Are You The Kind of Client I’m Looking For?

My clients are fantastic. Hardworking, self-motivated and disciplined. They just get the work done without excuses. They have successful careers, but they work with me to help them get their desired results. Sure, they could try to do it by themselves and some of them have, but have gotten minimal results or plateued. They decide to follow the advice of an experienced and proven fitness coach. They know that by working with a coach, they will achieve the best results sooner than later, minus the doubts, frustration and guessing.

If you are teachable and willing to push yourself beyond your comfort zone, then we might just be a good fit. Check out the details and application form below.

Benefits of Online Coaching with Me:

  • Customised training program (home based or gym based)
  • Customised diet guide (portion control or macronutrient tracking)
  • Much more affordable and easier on the wallet
  • Easy to follow workout videos
  • Supplementation advice
  • Ongoing accountability, support and guidance
  • Workout anywhere in the world
  • Assessments every 2 weeks
  • Modifications to your program every month

In order for you to truly achieve a lean, strong and healthy physique, you must combine both an individualised training and nutrition program. My online coaching service is where I share the tools that have allowed me to do that for both myself and my clients.

I offer a unique approach to health and fitness through a completely online and individualised coaching program, combining nutritional plans with training programs. I do not simply send you a pre-designed generic program that is not customised for you. I customise each program to your specific goals and needs, with an equal emphasis on both exercise and nutrition.

Precision Nutrition level 1 Coach

I’m a certified exercise nutrition coach through one of the world’s leading nutrition coaching companies, Precision Nutrition.

I’m here to guide you, not through special tricks or magic potions, but by understanding your goals and needs, designing a plan that works for you and your lifestyle, and offering unwavering support, while you get results along the way.

ProCoach Coaching System

As part of my online coaching program, you will be added into ProCoach – a world class nutrition coaching software created by Precision Nutrition.

You will receive daily habits / practices, lessons, and check-ins… step-by-step guidance — for up to one full year — through PN’s proven nutrition curriculum.

Men’s Program: A Look Inside

Women’s Program: A Look Inside


130 easy to follow recipes guide book to help you in your quest to a leaner, stronger and healthier physique as well? You’re going to get it for free! My clients love it!


Here’s What Some of My Online Coaching Clients Have to Say


Qimin Weight Loss Online Coaching

Hadi Muscle and Strength Gain Online Coaching
I had my reservations on doing online training as it does not have direct supervision on your forms. But doing with Carl is totally different, he gave all the necessary guidance from nutritional aspect, supplements and workouts. He is very responsive towards my queries.

In all, he knew his stuff well and guided me for three months of my bulking phase. Most importantly, he was willing to share the knowledge he has, and this has motivated me to continue pursuing  my goals. And everyday i’m getting closer to my weight goal.

I have always liked the big three lifts and my numbers have gotten up since i engaged his expertise. When I first started, my lifts were bench 60kg, deadlift 120kg and squat 90kg. My lifts now are bench 75kg, deadlift 150kg and squat 120kg.

Thanks Carl for putting in the effort even though it is an online training. I will definitely recommend others to take up online coaching with him.

– Sufian Hadi

tammam mouakharCarl is a great coach and genuine friend. He is always here to listen and understand what program fits my objectives. I am very lucky to follow his training. He is very attentive, kind and supportive along my training. He is available at any time giving great advices through different communication channels (face-to-face, WhatsApp, videos, social media…).

He helped me to gain 3kg in 2 months by designing an evolving training program, setting targets schedule and recommending my diet. All along my sessions, he regularly checked my improvement and my eating habits.

He is truly an inspiration and 100% dedicated to his work and his clients. I fully recommend him as a coach if you want to see efficient results. Thanks Carl!

– Tammam Mouakhar

Online Coaching Packages:

If you are just a little out of shape and only need to lose or gain a few KGs, go with the 3 months option. If you have been out of shape for a long time, need to lose or gain several KGs or more, then the 6 and 12 months options will be the way to go. Just understand that achieving great results will require time, in addition to the various obstacles that life will throw at you such as holidays, family and social events, falling sick and what not.

Learning and forming healthy habits that will help you maintain your physique and healthy lifestyle will take more than you think you need. Very few people can do short and intense because it’s unsustainable. For the majority of people, a longer but gradual approach is more sustainable and easier to cope with.

  • 3 Months – SGD447 ($149/month)
  • 6 Months – SGD774 ($129/month)
  • 1 Year – SGD1308 ($109/month)

Get in the best shape of your life, for the rest of your life. It’s time to take control of your health and get the body you’ve always wanted!

To get started, fill in the application form below and once you’re done, go ahead and buy your choice of package. And I will get you up to speed right away!

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