Is Your Ego Stopping You From Getting Results?

Is Your Ego Stopping You From Getting Results?

Is Your Ego Stopping You From Getting Results?

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I’m fortunate that most of my clients are teachable, willing to adhere to instructions and are action takers. They are the ones who achieve the best results.

Be it losing a ton of weight and inches off their waist, no longer being able to fit old baggy loose clothes or putting on several pounds of muscle and becoming much stronger, these clients have the best success. I love working with them simply because they are teachable, humble and diligent.

On the other hand, unfortunately, there will be the few clients who have too huge an ego and are unteachable.

Those who are unteachable, they have already responded with half a dozen different opinions. They would have complained and argued over different things.

They are always right. The unteachable person is always providing their opinions and suggestions to everything.

They are not willing to get out of their comfort zone and do what’s needed. Some might not expressed it verbally, but their actions tell it all.

Let me give you a couple of examples so that you can learn and not repeat the same mistakes.

Example A:

Client A wants to be lean and lose a ton of fat.

He likes to read all things training and nutrition.

He probably knows the ‘latest, best, most effective’ training program.

Talk about Paleo, The Zone Diet, Atkins, IIFYM, Blood Type Diet, The Anabolic Diet or Ketogenic diets, he read it all.

Client A is like a walking encyclopedia.

However, despite everything that Client A knows or thinks he knows, he does not have any significant results to speak of.

When put to the test, Client A struggles. Really struggles. You expect him to be pretty fit, but Client A couldn’t last one-third of the work out. Nothing intense at all.

And it makes you go hmmm…


By the way, there is no ‘best most effective’ training program.

Example B:

Client B wants to lose weight and become fitter.

He doesn’t know much about fitness or nutrition.

He just do what he likes and stays in his comfort zone.

He does not do his homework nor adhere to instructions.

He doesn’t see significant results and he wonders why.

Example C:

Client C wants to become as strong and as athletic as possible.

He wants to learn the Olympic lifts and lift heavy weights.

He thinks he is pretty fit and comes in all ready to go.

When put to the test, Client C could not perform a single proper bodyweight squat or deadlift without trying to land himself in hospital.

Client C complains where are the Olympic lifts.

And you just go…


There you go. In all 3 examples, the one common characteristic is a huge ego. We all have egos and there’s nothing wrong with having one. What you don’t want is having such a huge ego to the point of being over confident, arrogant and non-teachable.

Don’t be ‘Mr Know-It-All’.

Worse still, don’t be ‘Mr Know-It-All-But-Do-Nothing’.

And don’t be ‘Mr I’m-Too-Good-For-This’.

Putting aside your ego is important because it keeps you humble. Humility is such an attractive strait which is lacking sorely these days. When you are humble, your mind is an abundant state which will allow you to receive new knowledge.

On the other hand, when your ego is too huge to handle, what goes in one ear comes out the other side. And it is such a put off that makes people not want to work around you.

So if you want to get results and achieve your fitness goal, weigh your ego against the current results that you have – not seeing results? Take that ego off and throw it away.

Listen to your coach and do as told. Your coach wants the best for you and you engaged him or her for a reason. Stay humble, be teachable and diligent.


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