8 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Work Out

8 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Work Out

8 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Work Out

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You want to exercise. You know you need to exercise. What is stopping you is the lack of motivation.

Every time you set the alarm to wake up earlier to work out, you hit the snooze button and the next thing you know it, you find yourself waking up a few hours later.

Every time you get back home from work, you tell yourself that you are going to change into your exercise attire and get to the gym, but you don’t really motivated so you collapse on the sofa and become a couch potato.

You just don’t feel motivated enough to get moving. I know how you feel because I have been there. Everyone has. What you do not want is to let this negative cycle go on forever.

So if you are ready to stop the rut and get moving, here are 8 ways to motivate yourself to work out:


1) Find a good exercise partner

If you have tried working out on your own, you know how boring and lonely it can be at times. And if you are not the type of person to hang out with dozens of people in an exercise class, the best option is to find an exercise buddy.

Your exercise buddy should be someone who is preferably at the same level of fitness or higher than you are. Your buddy should also be someone who is positive and encouraging, but at the same time, is willing to push you during training and tell you what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear. Basically, you want someone who is going to lift you up and help you become a better version of you, rather than drag you down!


2) Listen to upbeat motivating music

I can’t tell you enough how listening to upbeat motivating music has helped me tremendously during hard trainings. When the going gets tough, some times you just need something to push you and keep on going until you complete your workout.

While everyone has different music taste, what has worked for me is listening to music that combine majestic soundtracks with a voice that is speaking motivational stuff in the background. By listening to it during my training, it turns on my inner ‘beast mode’ and makes me train harder, allowing me to accomplish more! Just find something that suits your ears.

Here’s my favorite music to listen to during training:


3) Hang out with people who are active

This is pretty similar to point 1.“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” says American entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn. So if you are someone who needs more discipline and motivation, by surrounding yourself with people who are on a higher level in an area which you are trying to pursue (in this case, becoming more active and motivated), you will soak in their energy and attitudes and become more like them over time. Talk about being inspired!

If you do not have friends who are active or health conscious, perhaps it’s time to connect with more people and make new friends. We are social creatures after all.


4) Surround yourself with motivational things

motivation beats talent

Besides who we surround ourselves with, what we surround ourselves with is equally important as well, if not more. While it’s better to be motivated intrinsically, the environment we surround ourselves plays a big part on our state of mind and how we feel.

Here are some ways to create a more positive and motivational environment:

  • Your phone’s wallpaper (motivational phone background)
  • The music you listen to (good example: Fearless Motivation)
  • The posters and frames in your bedroom or house (a motivational quote or sport photo)
  • The books you read (nothing like personal development)
  • The shows you watch (no korean drama please, how about Rocky series by Sylvester Stallone)


5) Hire a trainer

If you need someone to push and guide you, there’s nothing better than hiring a good trainer. You know how confusing or overwhelming it can be when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. By working with a good trainer, all you need to do is show up, work hard, listen to your trainer’s advice and you will get the results you desire. And because you have someone to answer to now, you will be more motivated to do what needs to be done.

Not only will you be ‘motivated’ by making sure your investment is well spent by actually completing your training sessions, you are going to acquire knowledge on fitness, nutrition and become more independent in the long run.


6) Join a group class

Can’t afford a personal trainer and not a fan of working out alone? Then you won’t go wrong with joining a group class.

There are so many types of group classes nowadays, you are spoilt for choice. They range from kickboxing, zumba, yoga, bootcamp style circuits, strength and conditioning to kettlebells, and many more. Choose one that suits your goals.

There are many reasons why joining a group class can motivate you. Here’s a few:

  • Making new friends who are like-minded
  • Working out hard as a group brings people together and develop stronger relationships
  • Becoming friends with the babe or hunk you have been checking out on
  • Making new business connections
  • You are less likely to give up because everyone is doing it!


7) Tell the world 

Ok, I don’t exactly mean everyone in the world, but telling everyone that you know what you are trying to achieve. Call up family and your closest friends and let me know that you want to “get 6 pack abs/look like a sex goddess/become the next Arnold/or whatever is your goal”. Announce on social media of your goal. But why?

It’s simple. When you decide to tell everyone of your goal, you are much less likely to give up because who wants to be seen as a quitter? Now that you have made yourself accountable to others, you will feel more motivated to get things done. And most of your friends are going to be supportive! Scary, but try it.


8) Set a specific goal

One major reason why people do not achieve success is the lack of a specific goal. When you do not have a specific goal, you end up directionless and wasting your time. If a captain of a ship doesn’t have a specific location to set sail to, where do you think the ship will end up? Somewhere lost in the ocean.

For example, instead of just wanting to get in shape, be more specific about it. Is it wanting to achieve 15% body fat? Deadlifting 2 times your bodyweight? Gain up to 10kg of muscle? Losing 3 dress sizes?

So before you set out to do something, make sure that you have a specific goal in mind. And write it down. When the going gets tough, you will be less likely to quit because you know that you have something to achieve, somewhere to go, something to prove.

Was this helpful? I hope this motivates you to workout and feel free to share with others!

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